Papa Doc's Art

Bluefish Chasing Bait


Bronze Tarpon


Carved Board

Chambered Nautilus

Christmas Box

Dolphin Ornament

Dolphins Chasing Bait


Red Drum and Trout

on Plaques

Fish Fountain in

Columbus, Ohio



Flounder Chasing Minnows



Flounder Chasing Minnows on Plaque



Gar on Stand



Goliath Grouper


Great White Shark


Hammerhead Shark


Hammerhead Shark on Plaque


House Sign


King Mackerel Chasing Bait


Large Blue Crab



Large Flounder


Large Red Drum



Large Sailfish


Large Striped Bass


Clownfish and Blue Tang


Northern Pufferfish

Sharks Head


Sheepshead on a Stand

Atlantic Cod

Hogfish chasing a Fly


Four Mullets on Stand



Viking Ship

Tarpon on Stand

Mullet on Stand

Coral Grouper

Blue Catfish

Large Mermaid





Spanish Mackerel Chasing Bait

Stone Crab


Mohogany Leatherback

Mohogany Loggerhead

Painted Loggerhead

Grouper Head

Blue Marlin chasing Skipjack Tuna

Fence Post Speckled Trout

Striped Bass on Stand

Carved Book

Local Catch

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